Saturday, Dec 1, 2007

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Kelly got me a gardening book a long time ago and because last year's garden was somewhat unsuccessful, I figured I'd study up and do it better next year. The book, The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, recommends raised beds so I began with that in mind. It also said that I should prepare the garden in autumn. First I needed to turn over the dirt. Last year I didn't turn it over very well so I this year I knew I wanted to do a better job. But turning it over by shovel is a lot of work. Dennis at work recommended I use a tiller to turn the soil and said that a rear tine type are the better. So, this morning I prepared the garden and had a tiller delivered in the early afternoon. After tilling the soil, Kelly's folks showed up and so Larry and I returned the tiller and then we hung out.

Kelly's cousin Jennifer lives nearby and so she called her up and she came over with her monstrous dog, Wolfie.

Jennifer and Wolfie

We had dinner, Kelly's delicious stew and polenta, and hung out. Denise, Jennifer and Kelly started decorating our Christmas tree. We all played Wii for a while too.

Hanging out

And the best news for today is that Chris and Katrina are the proud parents of a baby boy

He's still unofficially named Blasto

Born december 1 2007 6.5 pounds 19" A happy baby boy
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